Pregnant Mother Nearly Dies from Flu, Recovers on ECMO

Legal secretary Kim Reyes never anticipated the trials ahead of her. She suffered with a nasty cough and fatigue for a full week before making a doctor’s appointment.   When Reyes arrived with difficulty breathing, the clinic immediately called an ambulance to transport her to the hospital. Once there, Reyes … Read More

Prior to Heart Transplant, Patient Used Braille-Adapted Device

Students at The University of Texas at Austin call him a walking miracle. Gene Brooks, PhD, a lecturer in the College of Education, lived with heart failure for 15 years before receiving a heart transplant in 2013. Dr. Brooks was a fitness buff and never smoked. After being diagnosed with … Read More

Cardiac Rehab Keeps Young Land Surveyor on the Move

Always on the go, Aaron Anderson is not used to slowing down. The thirty-something land surveyor found himself with no choice when he became ill in 2012.   Suddenly unable to catch his breath, along with very swollen legs and hallucinations, he was admitted to the hospital for heart failure. Read More

Mountain Climber Find His Way Back to the Trails with VAD

Michael Gibbs has encountered rough terrain, but nothing prepared him for the massive heart attack he suffered in 2012. Just ten years earlier, he climbed Mount Everest and was in great physical fitness.   In sharp contrast to the intense physical challenges he took on, it was a quiet evening … Read More

Patient’s 27-Year Walk Around the World

Lakeway resident Ike Herrick was 50 years old when he suffered a heart attack while working overseas in Indonesia as an oil and gas exploration consultant. He was overweight, had a cholesterol reading of 270 and a scary family history of heart disease. Thus began his long journey to better … Read More