Nursing Relationship-Based Care

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In 2011, the Seton Healthcare Family adopted Relationship-Based Care (RBC) as its professional practice model. This model guides us in caring for ourselves, our co-workers and, most important, patients and families throughout the continuum of care.

Relationship-Based Care is built on these assumptions:

  • The essence of caring is in human connections.
  • Everyone has a valuable contribution to make.
  • Relationships between patients, families and caregivers are at the heart of care delivery.
  • Knowledge of self and self-care is vital to caring for others.
  • Empowerment and ownership of work is foundational.
  • People will change when they are inspired through a shared vision, when the infrastructure supports the change and when they see evidence of success.

RBC Schematic model: The Relationship-Based Care schematic model is constructed of connected circles within a circle, with a visual reminder that the patient and family is in the center of our concern. Each of the smaller circles represents one of the components of the professional practice model.

image Seton is proud to have four hospitals – the only hospitals in Central Texas - that have earned the Magnet designation, the highest award for nursing excellence given by the American Nurses Association.