Observational Experience

This Policy applies to all individuals who desire to observe patient care in a Seton facility. However, it does not apply to the following:

  1. Clinicians with a Texas medical license who expect to practice medicine or engage in education. (Must go through the Medical Staff Office.)
  2. Research assistants. (Must go through the Office of Research Administration.)
  3. Visiting 4th year medical school students. (Refer to the AAMC Visiting Students Application Service System.)
  4. Those in physician residency or fellowship training through affiliated medical schools. (Must contact the Graduate Medical Education office.)
  5. Students, trainees or practitioners training as part of a formal clinical education governed by an affiliation agreement with Seton. (Must contact the Clinical Education Department.)
  6. Individual who is observing patient care at the request of the patient or patient’s legal representative. (Refer to Observers & Visitors – Patient Visiting policy.)
  7. Media or Vendors. (Refer to Media Relations policy and Vendor Representatives – Access policy.)
  8. Seton associates observing patient care in a manner related to their job duties. (If observing outside of their job duties, Seton associates are covered by their hiring background check and annual immunizations. However, they still need to complete the Confidentiality and Security forms as well as the Sponsor Accountability Attestation [Attachments A-C in the Observer Application Package], and their Sponsor must still obtain written and verbal patient consent. The Seton associate can wear their normal Seton badge, but must be cognizant of the possibility for confusion and are limited to passive observation meaning they must not practice medicine, provide professional services of any kind to include education and advising or access the medical record.)
  9. Volunteers, unpaid interns or request by donors. (Must go through a Volunteer Services Office)