How to apply to become a volunteer

University Medical Center Brackenridge Volunteer Service Areas

Please note: The times available for each department may vary, due to those volunteers that were recently assigned. Volunteer shifts are from 3-4 hours depending on the service area. The following list is NOT in alphabetical order, but rather listed by priority areas of the greatest need.

Information Desks

(available times M-Sunday, 8:00am – 8:00pm)
Duties: meeting and greeting patients, families and visitors, providing directions, answering questions about patient location, and the phone, delivering flowers. This is an interesting area because you learn your way around the hospital and have a chance to provide support and brighten someone’s day.

Patient Floors

(available times M-Sun 8am-10pm)
Volunteers on the patient floors (floors 4, 6, 7, 8 &9) must be of mature judgment. Volunteer duties include passing food trays to patients, filling water pitchers, assisting with making chart packets, answering phones, running errands, discharging patients, and cleaning IV pumps/poles. Bilingual volunteers are always needed.

Emergency Department

(available times M-Sunday, 6:00am – 10:00pm)
Volunteers must be mature and able to work in a stressful setting.& Volunteers duties include assisting with the transport of patients, running errands, delivering supplies, transporting medical records or labs, etc., helping patients, families, visitors, and staff, making up beds and occasional filing or paperwork duties.& Training for this area is scheduled separately from orientation.&

NICU: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

(priority times M-Sun, 3-10pm, mornings as needed. Training is done by dept.)
Volunteer duties include comforting crying babies, put baby clothes of blankets away, help clinical assistants as needed, may change diaper/take temperature, may watch siblings while parents visit their baby, make certain that the toys have batteries, and at times our volunteers may be asked to feed healthy babies. Training for this department is scheduled separately from orientation.

Maternity Unit: New Mother/Baby

(Priority times 12-4pm 7-10pm)
Volunteer duties include: running errands, passing and collecting food trays, assisting in transporting patients, changing linens as requested, assuring patients have fresh water, deliver specimens to the lab, deliver and retrieve medical records, answering phones, assembling literature, and assisting staff as needed. (Training for the area, is done by the dept.)


(available times M-Sunday 6am – 10:00pm)
Volunteers must be mature and able to work in a stressful setting.& Volunteer duties include running labs, paperwork, etc., making charts, stocking supplies, answering phones and running various errands for staff. Volunteers must be people-oriented and willing to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on. Training for this area is scheduled separately from orientation.

Volunteer Services Office

(available times M, Th., Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm)
Volunteers must possess excellent communication and phone skills, and must be people-oriented. Volunteers will assist with administrative projects and help staff in house vendor sales that serve as fund raisers, where all proceeds go toward the future Tranquility Garden. Responsibilities include answering phones, computer data entry, filing and various other managerial and administrative duties. Computer skills are required.

Oncology Clinics

(The Shivers Cancer Center) (available times M-F, 8:00am – 4:30pm)
Volunteer duties include: Attend all training’s as requested by your area supervisor and volunteer services staff, provide clerical support to the administrative staff, prepare bulk mailing by filing envelopes and affixing address labels, sort bulk mailing according to the standards of the U.S. Postal Service, assemble folders for educational programs, send birthday, get well and sympathy cards to Texas Cancer Center patients/families as directed, photocopy and staple documents as assigned, complete small tying assignments, and pick up/deliver mail for the Texas Cancer Center.& Bilingual volunteers especially needed.

Specialty Clinics at UMC Brackenridge

(available times M-F 8am-5pm)
Volunteer duties in this area will include: retrieving medical records, picking up supplies from Supply Processing Distribution, running errands to the pharmacy or to the laboratory, accompanying patients to other departments, restocking rooms with supplies, making photocopies and sending faxes, translating for physicians, and assist with information management.&

Volunteer Sewing Room (schedule available in the volunteer office)

Volunteer duties include providing the patients of the hospital with items such as stuffed animals, heart pillows, baby blankets, camisoles, etc.& Volunteers must be able to sew, turn and stuff, and distribute items to appropriate areas.

Great Habit Gift Shop

(available times M-Friday 9am-8pm; Sat. 10- 5:00pm; Sun. 12-5pm)
Volunteer duties in the Gift Shop include meeting and greeting customers, sales, answering the telephone, customer service, restocking merchandise, arranging flowers and various displays, and entering inventory into the computer. Retail experience is preferred, but not required. Bi-lingual volunteers are needed.


(available times M-F, 8am –4:30pm)
Volunteer duties include filling orders, answering phones, meeting and greeting visitors, making deliveries, labeling and distributing stock and assisting staff as needed. This department is reserved for pre pharmacy students, spaces are limited.