Vocada Voicelink

Faster Test Results

logo_infotechWaiting for imaging or lab results is a major source of anxiety for patients and their families. Faster test results reduce stress—and often improve health outcomes since many medical interventions are time-sensitive.

To better manage the flow of time-sensitive patient information, the Seton Family of Hospitals has invested in Voice Information Management (VIM) enterprise software to ensure that critical test results quickly reach the right physician. Seton is one of only about 50 hospital systems nationwide that utilizes this critical test results management (CTRM) solution.

The Vocada VoiceLink system, a new computerized messaging system, described by some as “voicemail on steroids”’ uses a full suite of communications channels to ensure that urgent messages are received by physicians in a timely manner. The patented, remote-hosted system requires no new additional outlay of hardware or software.

How It Works

Here’s an example of Vocada VoiceLink in action:

A 45-year-old woman visits the doctor for her annual mammogram. The radiologist reviewing the image discovers a mass and immediately calls into the Vocada VoiceLink system to identify the doctor that needs to be informed of this abnormal finding. Next, the radiologist dictates a brief report of his findings. At this point, Vocada VoiceLink takes over by notifying the patient’s physician that he or she needs to call into the system for a critical test result. The physician calls in and listens to the test results and then contacts his patient to explain the results. Since both the patient and her physician receive the test results sooner, follow-up tests and, if necessary, treatment can be scheduled right away.

Vocada has several important features, including a Voice-Activated Directory, which can transmit test results to several physicians at once. Another critical feature is Intelligent Message Tracking, which notifies the radiologist instantly when a message is received and allows him or her to use a web-based monitoring system to track each and every message.