Scoliosis is when the spine shows abnormal sideways curvature. The affected spine can include one or many abnormal curves. People with scoliosis may have uneven hips or shoulders. Children can be born with scoliosis, while adults may develop the condition as a result of injury, surgery, osteoporosis or illness.

Kyphosis is another spine curvature disorder. Its main symptom is very forward rounding of the spine. Kyphosis can be developed before birth or result from disease, tumors, poor posture or infections.

The Seton Healthcare Family offers spine care for adults and children with scoliosis or kyphosis:

  • Adult Scoliosis/Kyphosis: Adult spine curvature disorders are often treated with nonsurgical care and physical therapy, with surgery as a last resort. Proper treatment can mean a better quality of life.
  • Pediatric Scoliosis/Kyphosis: Children with scoliosis or kyphosis can benefit from an accurate diagnosis. Effective treatment can help prevent abnormal development of the spinal tissues. Most children with a spine curvature disorder have been born with the condition.

Customized Solutions to Spinal Disorders in Texas

While not all cases of scoliosis or kyphosis are preventable, diagnosis and treatment can greatly improve spine health. Treatment can also mean long-lasting pain relief. Seton’s physicians and rehabilitation specialists work closely with each person to develop a customized treatment plan.

Experience the Seton Difference

Our centers are located in Austin and throughout Central Texas. To learn more about spine care from the Seton Healthcare Family, please visit one of our locations.