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Emily Croce, RN-CPNP

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Emily Croce, RN-CPNP

I moved to Texas in 2007 and spent nearly three years providing community health pediatric care before finding my love of pediatric dermatology. In my free time, I like to craft, bake, and explore Austin with my husband and two children.

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  • Dermatology (Pediatric)

Provides Care Through

  • Dell Children's Medical Group

My Passion for Healthcare

I became a pediatric nurse practitioner because I wanted to help children. I enjoy the relationships I form with entire families as we work together to manage and/or resolve a variety of skin conditions. It’s the most rewarding feeling to empower families to care for their children, ease any suffering my patients may be experiencing, and see patients and their families truly blossom with the newfound confidence they find once they experience the comfort and control they were seeking.

Services I Provide

  1. Whole body skin checks
  2. Acne treatment
  3. Eczema management
  4. Wart & molluscum treatment
  5. Hyperhidrosis treatment
  6. Management of hemangiomas

My Clinical Focus

I enjoy teaching and the academic environment in our clinic. We usually have a combination of dermatology residents, pediatric residents, medical students, nurse practitioner students, and/or college students interested in medicine. I have personally precepted several nurse practitioner students, lectured at the local and national levels, and been published in academic journals and a dermatology nursing textbook. I am excited about several clinical research projects on the horizon.

Why Choose Seton

Seton offers a different brand of healthcare. We call it Humancare. We believe in showing everyone dignity and respect while providing the best care possible. Humancare is an essential part of our mission to expand access to high-quality, low-cost, person-centered care and services.

You'll find Seton doctors, nurses and associates delivering care throughout Central Texas Communities. We operate more than 100 clinical locations, including three teaching hospitals and another opening in 2017 that will be the training site for Dell Medical School at The University of Texas.

When you choose care from us, you are choosing care that is at the forefront of medical innovation. Seton conducts research and provides advanced treatments for conditions including stroke, traumatic injury, epilepsy, cardiovascular disease and many of today's most difficult illnesses to treat.

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