Following treatment for a specific skin condition, your skin may need extra care for a while. This aftercare can vary quite a bit depending on which issue is being treated. There are also a number of minor skin issues that should simply get better after treatment, without needing special attention afterward.

Caring for Your Skin

Before you go through any skin treatments, your dermatologist should give you detailed aftercare instructions. These may include:

  • Avoiding sun exposure
  • Keeping the area covered or bandaged
  • Applying a special ointment
  • Keeping skin moisturized
  • Avoiding the use of certain products

Also, you may need to adopt a new skincare routine after treatment to keep up your results. For example, if acne is a concern, a chemical peel may be used to improve an active breakout. Although a peel can help clear existing blemishes, continuing to use the right cleanser and spot treatment are still important parts of seeing the best long-term outcome.

Aftercare for Specific Skin Concerns

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