3 Tips to Avoid Making Acne Worse This Summer


woman checking pimple in mirrorFeel like your acne is worse in the summer? You may be onto something. A rise in temperature and humidity can lead to pore-clogging increases in the sweat and oil secreted by your skin. When you add an increase in sugary drinks, you may find yourself on a road trip to an acne breakout.

If you’re already prone to acne, then you know that summer can lead to breakouts. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Here are three tips to help you avoid making acne worse this summer.

1. Wave Goodbye to Sugar and Starch

Foods and drinks that contain high amounts of sugar or starches are known to cause acne flare-ups. Summer is often a time we associate with the sugary sodas and deep-fried foods you may find at fairs and amusement parks. Resist the temptation to indulge in trigger foods to avoid acne flare-ups.

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding food and drinks high in sugar and starch can help prevent breakouts as well as keep the rest of your body healthy, too.

2. Avoid Tight-Fitting Workout Clothes

Acne is often triggered by bacterial growth caused by the collection of sweat on your skin. Tight-fitting clothes and protective gear can cause your sweat to collect, promoting bacterial growth that can trigger an acne flare-up.

Try to limit the time you spend sweating in your athletic gear. Shower immediately after your workout and use anti-acne bath and shower products if needed.

3. Don’t Skimp on Sunblock

If you frequently battle acne, then you may want to avoid heavy moisturizers and skin creams, particularly in the summer. However, never skimp on the sunscreen. The damage to your skin from overexposure can lead to more serious complications that can seriously affect the health of your skin.