Why You Should Skip the Tan & Grab Your Sunscreen


woman at beachIf you’ve noticed how pale your skin is when trying on new summer bikinis, you may wonder if you should get a base tan. Building up your skin’s resistance to the sun by getting that first dose may seem like a good idea, but you may want to think again.

Is it a good idea to get a base tan going before you start spending time more time outdoors in the summer sun? Or are the benefits of a base tan just a myth?

Base Tans Aren’t Healthy

Should you get a base tan, you will not only expose your skin to damage that first time, but you will also be more likely to damage It further down the road. Tanned or naturally dark skin is somewhere around SPF 4 – much lower than the recommend value for any normal sun screen.

That means that even with very dark skin, you are still opening yourself up to damage from the sun’s rays when you don’t use sun screen. Many believe that a base tan alone will protect their skin after the initial tanning session, but it just isn’t true. Remember, your skin becomes tan when it is trying to protect itself.  Having a tan means having sun damage.

A base tan is no substitute for the use of sunscreen when you spend time outdoors in the summer.

A Base Tan Can Put You at Risk for Cancer

You may find yourself at an increased risk of cancer when you rely on a base tan for skin protection. If you’re thinking should you get a base tan, it’s an important consideration.

To protect your skin against the harsh rays of the sun in the summer, it’s far better to use plenty of sunscreen and get plenty of shade. Moving in and out of the shade during the summer is the perfect way to get some sun and keep your skin safe.