4 Quick Ways to a Better Complexion in Less Than a Day


woman smilingIf you’re looking for easy fixes for skin issues you may have, there are several basic habits and practices you should both avoid and engage in. Here are four things you can start right now that will promote the health of your skin and help improve your complexion.

1. Eat and Drink Healthy

When you eat a healthy diet of whole, natural foods, you are providing your skin with the building blocks it needs to the thrive. Drinking green tea and eating hardy helpings of green, leafy vegetables will go a long way to promoting healthy skin.

Eating healthy, natural foods along with drinking plenty of water are the foundation for all of the other easy fixes for skin issues.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Regular sleep is an important part of staying healthy. Your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself while you sleep. When you stay up late, you put stress on your skin that can cause it to appear dull and make it harder for it to remain healthy.

3. Keep Your Face Clean

Particularly if you have an issue with your complexion such as acne, your impulse may be to scrub your face clean and remove as much of your natural oils as possible, but that will only damage your skin. Wash your face daily with mild cleansers using glycerin and ceramides to clean and moisturize you skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

4. Kick Your Bad Habits

It probably comes as no surprise that bad habits like eating too much refined sugar, drinking alcohol and smoking aren’t doing any favors for your complexion. There are no easy fixes for skin issues when you engage in activities or consume substances that directly work against your skin’s health.