3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ditch the Sunscreen this Winter


181931538If sunscreen is strictly part of your summer skin care routine, you’re leaving your skin unprotected from the sun’s UV rays for the majority of the year.

Contrary to popular belief, sunscreen isn’t just a summertime item. It should be a part of your everyday routine, even in the winter, and here’s why.

1. UV Rays Aren’t Getting Any Weaker

It might seem like the sun practically goes away in the winter months, but rest assured that its UV rays are still very present and able to reach your skin. The difference is that the shorter UVB rays that give you a sunburn in the summer may not be as strong in the winter, but longer UVA rays can still lead to skin damage, premature aging and skin cancer.

2. Snow Reflects UV Rays

Have you ever noticed that it’s difficult to see while driving through snow-covered scenery on a sunny day? That’s because the bright white snow reflects the sun’s UV rays, which increases their intensity.

Whether you’re playing in the snow or the sand, sunscreen and sunglasses are a must.

Don’t forget lip protection during the winter months either, as the skin on your lips is ultra thin and lacks the natural oils that provide protection.

3. High Altitudes Increase UV Strength

If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or simply relaxing in the snowy mountains, keep in mind that for every 1,000-foot increase in elevation, UV radiation increases by four percent. This, combined with the fact that UV radiation also reflects off the snow, makes it essential that sunscreen earns a spot in your year-round skin care regimen for a smooth, healthy complexion.