5 Signs Your Skin Needs a Dermatologist’s Help


Woman Looking in MirrorJust as you see your doctor for routine check-ups and to treat new health concerns, it’s important to keep an open line of communication with your dermatologist to ensure excellent skin health.

If you’re experiencing any of these five common skin issues, it might be time to seek your dermatologist’s help.


1. Sun Damage

The truth is that heavy UV exposure at any point in your life is unhealthy for your skin, so even if your sun damage occurred years ago, it’s still a good idea to have a dermatologist take a look at any moles or other discoloration that may be cause for concern.

2. Stubborn Acne

Although adult acne is much more common than you might think, it can be difficult to get rid of using only over-the-counter products. When acne persists, consult your dermatologist for a more in-depth analysis of what might be causing it and how to best treat it.

3. Brown Spots

Melasma, a particular type of skin discoloration, is common in pregnant women and women taking hormonal birth control pills.

A number of professional treatment options like specialized creams and chemical peels are available to help even and brighten your skin tone.

4. Red Flare-Ups

Red flushing or patches of skin can be caused by conditions like rosacea, eczema or psoriasis. Flare-ups are often triggered by a variety of environmental factors. If you notice redness that doesn’t seem to go away on its own, talk to your dermatologist.

5. You Notice Changes in Your Skin

Any significant changes in your skin, whether in the form of discoloration, itchiness, dryness or flakiness, can be an indication of an underlying problem. Make a note of these changes and let your dermatologist know so that he or she can monitor and treat any potential health concerns.