4 Little-Known Causes of Wrinkles


Sun damage, pollutants and genetics are among the most well-known causes of premature aging, but many people aren’t aware of some of the lesser-known contributors to facial lines and wrinkles. Despite great genes, these four environmental factors could make you look years older.

1. Sleeping on Your Face

Have you ever woken in the morning with lines on your face? Sleeping directly on your face may create lines that seem temporary, but these lines can remain as indentations under the surface of your and lead to future wrinkles.

2. Running

Running outdoors can be beneficial for your mind and body, but it may not be great for your skin. During intense exercise, your body undergoes oxidative stress and requires higher levels of oxygen to perform.  The oxygen supply to your face may decrease in response, thus contributing to the aging process. Additionally, many people who run outside do not apply sunscreen, which can also contribute to skin damage and premature aging.

3. Repetitive Movements

Regular and repetitive movements can surprisingly lead to lines and wrinkles. Recurrent movements such as making facial expressions, chewing gum and drinking from a water bottle can increase the likelihood of developing wrinkles around your mouth, under your nose and on your cheeks.

4. Divorce

In a study comparing twins, divorce was a reported contributing factor to aging.  When raters were shown pictures of twin pairs, they judged the divorced twin as two years older when compared to the non-divorced twin. Although the exact reasons for this difference are unknown, the study postulated that the stress of divorce might be a culprit of accelerated aging.