4 Acne Myths You Shouldn’t Believe


img3Like many skin care topics, there’s no shortage of acne myths that have somehow become accepted as facts by the general population. But when examined more closely, you’ll find that many of these so-called facts simply aren’t true. And worse yet, some of these myths may even contribute to your acne rather than clearing it up.

Myth 1: Sun Exposure Clears Acne

While moderate and controlled sun exposure can have some health benefits, overexposing your skin to the sun can lead to skin damage and further irritate acne breakouts by drying out your skin. It’s best to protect your face from direct sunlight with sunscreen and protective gear.

Myth 2: Acne Is Only a Problem For Teenagers

Although teenagers often experience breakouts at one point or another, adult acne can be just as common. Because hormone fluctuations are more common in women than in men, more women than men tend to experience acne as adults.

Myth 3: Greasy Foods Are to Blame

Acne is most caused by an interplay of genetic and hormonal factor, and it’s unlikely that pizza night is to blame for your breakout. Maintaining a healthy diet can have great benefits for your entire body, including your skin, and there is some evidence that a long-term low-glycemic index diet (a diet low in sugars and simple starches) can help keep acne under control.  But chances are that today’s greasy splurge is not the cause of tomorrow’s pimple.

Myth 4: Popping Makes Pimples Go Away

Not only does popping your pimples not clear them up, but it can actually cause them to stick around even longer. Popping zits only further inflames your skin and sometimes even causes acne scars that could be long-lasting. Because acne scars are a skin condition that may respond to laser therapy, there are treatment options available if you have developed scarring.