How to Protect Your Skin on Spring Break


img4With spring break just around the corner, you may have already started planning your getaway to somewhere warm and sunny. When preparing for your spring break, however, keep these sun protection tips in mind. After all, there’s no better way to ruin a great trip than to damage your skin with a painful sunburn the minute you step onto the beach, not to mention the heightened risk of developing skin cancer.

Indoor Prep for Outdoor Fun

Sure, you’re excited to get outside and not waste a minute of your vacation. But before you head out the door, allowbout 20 minutes for your sunscreen (SPF 30 or higher!) to become effective. If you wait until you’re already outside to apply sunscreen, your skin will be at risk for the first half hour of your time in the sun.

Cover Up

That trendy sunhat isn’t just for good looks. Wearing a hat that shades your face and eyes, along with other clothing like t-shirts and cover-ups can help keep you protected from the sun. This is especially important if you have fair skin that burns or freckles easily.

Skip the Tanning Bed

Thinking about hitting the tanning bed before your trip? Think again! Tanning beds are not safe alternatives to sun exposure, nor is acquiring a “base tan” an effective protection. If you’re looking for a bit of a glow before you hit the beach, there are plenty of sunless self-tanning lotions that can help you achieve the look without the harmful effects.

Following these sun protection tips during your spring break trip can help you optimize your time in the sun and reduce your risk of skin cancer. Just be sure to give your skin extra attention when outside, and don’t forget to give it a break in the shade every so often.