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At Ascension Providence and Ascension Seton, we don’t just treat patients. We care for people. And now we’re applying that same respect and philosophy to another important part of healthcare: group health insurance. Seton Insurance group health plan simplifies insurance by offering employees easier access to care and by helping them manage their health better. It’s time for healthier insurance.

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As both provider of care and coverage, we're able to place more emphasis on the doctor/patient relationship and coordinate care across all your employees' health needs.

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Seton Insurance now offers integrated digital clinic benefits for eligible members.

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Ascension Providence and Ascension Seton

At Ascension Providence and Ascension Seton, we know good health comes from caring for body, mind and spirit. We thought it’d be great if your health insurance did too. The new Ascension Seton group health plan is a new kind of insurance that considers employees’ whole wellbeing - medical, spiritual and emotional.

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