Every day you come to work to serve those in our care. Every year, you move our mission forward by donating to Seton Cares, our annual associate giving campaign.

Read these powerful testimonies from your coworkers and friends who shared why they participate in Seton Cares.

Yvonne Koi

Yvonne Koi and her husbandBack in 1977, Yvonne Koi lost her twins, Anthony and Brian, after a lengthy stay in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Seton Medical Center Austin.

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I believe in Seton’s mission and want to support the amazing work and people that I am privileged to work with every day.

As a parent who lives in the area, I also see Dell Children’s as one of the most important resources in our community. I hope that we never have to use it, but I want Dell Children’s and its employees to have everything that they need to continue to function at the highest level possible with facilities, equipment and human resources that lack for nothing.

Chris Dunn, Chaplain
Dell Children’s Medical Center

Maryam Navarro

Maryam NavarroMaryam began working for Seton in April 2009. Just two weeks after starting she got an MRI, which revealed a vascular malformation — a mass in her brain — that needed to be removed surgically.

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I donate to Seton Cares as a reminder to myself of the commitment to the Seton mission. Almost 10 years ago I chose Seton as my employer — and I would gladly do it again.

In providing direct clinical care, there are both challenging and very rewarding days. When the days are hardest I try to take a minute and reflect as to why I chose Seton and remember the mission I so dearly believe and try to practice every day.

I give to Seton Cares to further that mission. It makes me feel proud to be a part of Seton and always strive to both work and live the mission.

Liz Wedberg, APRN
Seton Brain & Spine Institute

As a medical coder, we work behind the scenes. We usually never have contact with the patient or their families; coding takes place at the end of the patient journey. Donating allows me to give and help someone in need now, not later down the road, and allows me to feel as if I was part of what they needed from the beginning of their journey not at the end.

I know in my heart a donation to help a family or person in need is such a blessing. Knowing that I can help relieve someone’s financial stress in a time of uncertainty is a blessing well worth the donation.

Even the smallest donation can have a big impact on someone’s life by showing them we care.

Shannon Schulz, Coder
Seton Administrative Offices

I believe in the power of paying it forward. I have been in need and know what it feels like to worry about not having the resources for health care for my children.

Alana LeBlanc, Patient Access Rep
Seton Highland Lakes Hospital

I believe in community and I have seen our donations at work for our patients. I met a family who could not buy their medicines because they had to pay rent and their light bill was high. My heart broke. Since then, I believe this can’t happen anymore. If we all pitch in at least $5, it can make a difference in someone’s life.

Elisa Gonzales, Customer Service Rep
Children’s Ear Nose & Throat Center