Silvia Breeden


Silvia Breeden confers with Sister Ethelrita Nitzky.

For some, Seton is a second family.

Silvia Breeden has worked in various roles for Seton for 35 years and has seen firsthand how the organization does everything it can to help its employees. Shortly after starting her tenure with Seton, Silvia was left to fend for herself as a single parent.

It took some self-convincing, but she soon summoned the courage to visit Sister Gertrude. She had heard Seton helped people in need, but hated the idea that she was now in that position, having to ask for help.

“I was so embarrassed to go to her, but she didn’t make me feel that way,” Silvia said. “She was very supportive.”

Silvia was able to utilize the Emergency Relief Fund to get her bills in order and her finances on track. And after getting her feet back under her, she was able to better herself and her career trajectory.

“It took a big stress off me,” she said. “I was able to concentrate more on work, and go back to school.  And I was able to get my associates degree in accounting.”

Over her 35 years at Seton, Silvia and her family have unfortunately had to utilize some Seton facilities, including many visits while her mother battled cancer. Despite the terrible circumstances, Silvia remembers how much the nurses and doctors made the whole family, including her sick mother, feel at ease.

Those experiences solidified the already deep love Silvia had for the organization that helped her get back on her feet financially shortly after she began working at Seton 35 years ago.

“When we needed help they helped us,” she said. “Now they need help, and I’m at the point where I can help. It’s not very much, but I’m always willing to give, because I myself was there at one point.”

Silvia’s level of giving has grown along with her growth with Seton. She understands that even the smallest donation can make a difference, and will let anybody who asks know how much Seton values and utilizes each donation right here in her community.

“I ask them to think about what’s gone on in their personal life,” she said. “If they’ve had any problems or anything that they haven’t been able to handle that they can always depend on Seton to help them.”