Wound care, or wound healing, helps ensure proper recovery after an injury that breaks the skin. Our team has a combination of skills and expertise to help assist with proper care and treatment to aid in the healing of an acute or chronic wound.

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What Is Wound Care?

Wound care is a specialty within the medical field aimed specifically at healing and recovery. Wounds can occur after common hand injuries, or due to a chronic illness. Burns, frostbite and fractures are example of acute wounds. Diabetic ulcers or pressure sores occur due to underlying health conditions and can be especially difficult to heal without medical assistance. Surgical incisions are another example of a type of wound.

There are two basic types of wound:

  • Open wounds are clearly visible right on the skin’s surface. Examples include incisions, puncture wounds or abrasions.
  • Closed wounds include bruises, contusions and crush injuries. Although these may seem like less of a concern than open wounds, they still present a danger to overall health.

Wound Care Treatment Options

The best approach for treating wounds depends on a number of factors. The type of wound, open or closed, is the primary consideration. However, the cause of the wound, its severity and whether it impacts other organs also need to be evaluated.

The first step in wound care is cleansing and taking other efforts to avoid infection. Open wounds may also need to be surgically closed. By preventing contamination and with continued medical oversight, the body’s natural healing process typically takes over to heal the wound effectively. The process may be impacted by general wellbeing, underlying health concerns like malnutrition or diabetes and activity level.

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