DIEP & SIEA Flap Reconstruction

Following breast cancer, many women seek out breast reconstruction options. Deep inferior epigastric perforator (DIEP) flap reconstruction can be an excellent approach to breast reconstruction because it uses the woman’s own abdominal skin and fat to rebuild one or both breasts. Because the woman’s own skin and tissue is used, DIEP flap reconstruction can result in reconstructed breasts that look and feel natural.

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Benefits of DIEP & SIEA Flap Reconstruction

Whenever possible, we prefer DIEP flap reconstruction because this technique doesn’t involve taking any portion of a woman’s abdominal muscle. Our fellowship-trained microsurgeons are skilled in performing DIEP flap reconstructions. With 10 surgeons in our practice, we always perform these surgeries with a team approach to decrease operative time and ensure the best possible outcomes.

Although many women prefer DIEP flap reconstruction because it provides a reconstruction without the use of an implant, DIEP flap reconstructions can be combined with breast implants to provide additional volume if desired.

Understanding the Procedure

DIEP flap reconstruction is an advanced microsurgery technique for breast reconstruction. During DIEP flap surgery, the skin and fat from the abdomen is carefully removed with the blood vessels that supply it.

The blood vessels are carefully dissected free from the surrounding abdominal musculature without taking any abdominal muscle with the flap. These blood vessels are then reattached to blood vessels in the chest using microsurgical techniques to provide the DIEP flap with new blood flow. In this way, the abdominal skin and fat is transferred to the chest.

The operation is complete when the flap is carefully molded into a new breast and the abdomen is closed in a manner similar to an abdominoplasty. If a woman is having a unilateral breast reconstruction with the DIEP flap, a breast lift or breast reduction may be performed on the opposite breast during the initial DIEP flap operation or at a later time.

DIEP flap reconstruction is a popular option for breast reconstruction when using implants for reconstruction is contraindicated or when a woman chooses to use her own tissue for breast reconstruction. Flap reconstruction is often requested so synthetic implants will not be needed, resulting in a lifelong reconstruction that does not require the maintenance that implants require.

DIEP flap reconstruction involves the removal of tissue without taking any muscle from the abdomen. This can give women the cosmetic benefit of removing excess abdominal skin and fat at the same time as their breast reconstruction. The operation is significantly more complicated than an abdominoplasty, however, and a detailed consultation with a surgeon at the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas will address all the details surrounding DIEP reconstruction.

SIEA Flap reconstruction is performed when a woman’s anatomy allows. In this type of reconstruction, the abdominal strength layer is not cut and there is no need for dissection of the blood vessels through the abdominal musculature. This flap can only be performed in a small percentage of cases because most women’s anatomy does not allow for this operation to be performed. During your consultation, we will discuss the details surrounding flaps selection in detail.

Recovery and Results

Since the DIEP flap procedure doesn’t remove any abdominal muscle, most women experience a faster and more comfortable recovery compared to other flap reconstruction options. With the abdominal muscles intact, there is less pain at the donor site and lower risk of some complications. You’ll notice a change in the appearance of your breasts immediately. Most women stay in the hospital for four to five days following DIEP flap reconstruction. As the healing process continues over the coming weeks and months, your will gradually be able to notice your final results.

Breast reconstruction using the DIEP approach from the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas can help to give women a sense of feeling whole again following breast cancer treatment with beautiful, natural-looking results.