When disease, trauma, congenital conditions or other circumstances leave you with features that limit your quality of life or cause you to feel as if your appearance doesn’t match the way you feel inside, reconstructive surgery can help.

Contact us online today to learn more about your options for restoring your appearance. The Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas helps men and women from Austin, Round Rock and throughout Texas enjoy a higher quality of life by offering a number of reconstructive procedures for the face and body.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can restore a more natural look to the breasts after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.
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Body Reconstruction

Extreme illness or trauma can require reconstruction of the chest, abdominal wall, lower extremities or other parts of the body.
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Facial Reconstruction

If congenital defects, disease or injury has damaged the function or appearance of the facial features, facial reconstruction can restore a more normal structure and look to the face.
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Wound Care

Some wounds may require special care to heal optimally. Professional wound care can help tissue and skin recover from trauma and integrate aesthetically into the surrounding area.
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