BOTOX® Cosmetic

As you age, wrinkles may start to form in the skin around your eyes and between your brows, making you look tired and older than you are. BOTOX® Cosmetic can be used to smooth wrinkles and combined with other surgical and medical spa procedures to help you look refreshed, rejuvenated and younger.

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Understanding Aging

Your facial aging pattern is affected by a number of factors. Collagen, a protein in your skin, helps provide strength and elasticity. As you age, collagen production naturally decreases and existing collagen is broken down by sun damage. This makes the skin more likely to develop lines and wrinkles. Surface damage from environmental factors further weakens the skin.

Repeated muscle movements also contribute to the signs of aging. When we make common facial expressions, the muscles in our face contract. The repetitive motions of smiling or frowning force the skin into the same folds again and again. When this occurs in older skin that no longer has the right amount of collagen and elasticity needed to bounce back to normal, wrinkles start to appear.

How BOTOX® Helps

BOTOX® is a muscle-relaxing injectable that is used to treat wrinkles caused by repeated facial muscle movements, known as dynamic wrinkles. Injections of BOTOX® target the facial muscles directly to prevent them from continuing to deepen wrinkles or form new ones. A number of injections are carefully placed for the best possible results around the target area. BOTOX® can be used around the eyes to resolve crow’s feet, as well as to eliminate forehead wrinkles and frown lines. BOTOX® can also be injected under the arms to stop excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis.

BOTOX® is not a permanent treatment. Since the body gradually absorbs and eliminates the treatment, your results will fade after several months. Regular maintenance injections can help maintain your new look for longer.

Although BOTOX® provides excellent results on dynamic wrinkles, not all lines in the face are caused by muscle movement. In some cases, deeper lines and furrows are caused by a loss of volume in the skin. Dermal fillers can be used to fill in these deep wrinkles, as well as surface imperfections like scars. A combination of BOTOX® and dermal fillers is a very successful approach to minimize the early signs of aging for both men and women. BOTOX® can also be combined with a variety of other cosmetic procedures, including eyelid surgery and facelifts.

During your procedure, your injector will have you smile and frown to determine the muscle groups responsible for your dynamic wrinkles. Next, injections will be carefully targeted where they will be most effective. The entire appointment should take about 15 minutes and the results should last for several months.

Recovery and Results

Since BOTOX® is minimally invasive, there’s no recovery necessary. Some people may notice swelling or redness at the injection site, which is temporary. You should keep your head upright for the first four hours after their procedure. Avoid rubbing the injection site to prevent product migration. Results should be visible in just a few days.

The final results of your BOTOX® Cosmetic injections from the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas will help you look younger. You’ll see an improvement in the appearance of your dynamic wrinkles within a few days and your skin should appear smoother at the site of injection. Although nothing can totally prevent aging, BOTOX® can help you look younger longer, especially when used in combination with additional procedures.