Revision Rhinoplasty

When a person becomes dissatisfied with the results of an initial rhinoplasty procedure, he or she may opt for a revision surgery to achieve the desired look. Revision rhinoplasty gives men and women a second chance at achieving their ideal results.

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Benefits of Revision Nose Surgery

The benefits of revision nose surgery are similar to those of an initial procedure. The main goal is to help men and women feel better about their new look and restore a better profile after an earlier surgery. Most commonly, revision rhinoplasty is needed when the results of a previous surgery are not satisfying.

This could be because the look wasn’t improved or maybe just wasn’t improved enough. Nose surgery that did not reshape the nose enough or reshaped it too much can leave one feeling dissatisfied. Sometimes, cartilage needs to be added to the nose to help rebuild damaged structures. Our doctors exclusively use the person’s own cartilage rather than cadaveric cartilage (cartilage from a dead person).

Another reason for performing revision nose surgery is if nasal obstruction occurred as a result of the earlier surgery. This could be due to changes in the nose as part of the aging process. Another possibility is that the nasal passage no longer has clear airways. Restoring airflow through either nasal obstruction surgery or a septoplasty can be part of revision nose surgery.

Understanding the Procedure

In many ways, revision nose surgery is done the same way as the original procedure. Your surgeon will work closely with you to discuss your goals, and explain the type of results that are likely. Changes in tissue and cartilage tone and texture make revision surgery hard even for experienced surgeons.

Due to the limitations of this surgery, revision rhinoplasty may also include other procedures. For example, injectable fillers can be used to add volume or smooth out the profile lines. Typically, revision nose surgery reshapes existing cartilage and tissue for a more balanced, natural look.

Recovery and Results

Recovery following revision nose surgery is similar to recovery after an initial surgery. You will likely notice bruising and swelling at first. Many men and women notice a difference in their nose very soon after the revision procedure, although it takes several months to see the final results. Most people can be expected to go back to work within 1 to 2 weeks of their revision surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty from the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas improves the results of an earlier surgery. Our surgeons can restore both the look and breathing function of your nose. While it’s important to maintain realistic expectations, you can expect to feel better about your new profile.