A once-smooth forehead may begin to change as you age and your facial muscles lose their tautness, which can cause your brow to droop toward your eyes. Deep creases and frown lines can form across your forehead or between the brows. A brow lift can be an effective way to reduce these visible signs of aging and restore a more youthful look.

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Benefits of a Brow Lift

Facial muscles become more lax with age. The continual downward effects of gravity also affect the structure of the face. As the muscles relax, the skin takes on a looser appearance as well. These changes in your appearance are worsened by the decrease in collagen production that causes fine lines and wrinkles.

Repeated muscle movements over the course of a lifetime also cause lines and wrinkles. This especially shows across the forehead. Cosmetic procedures from our medical spa such as BOTOX® Cosmetic can help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Yet, structural changes that repair the muscles below are the only longer-term solution for looking younger.

Over time, the signs of aging throughout the upper face and forehead cause the brow to fall. This will give a “heavy” appearance to the eyes, so you always look cross or angry no matter how you may feel inside. In many cases, a brow lift can be combined with eyelid surgery to restore a youthful, more alert look throughout the upper face. A brow lift can also be included with a facelift for even better results.

Understanding the Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift can be performed either traditionally or endoscopically. An endoscopic brow lift uses smaller incisions. Through these, a tiny camera is inserted to send pictures to a larger viewing screen in the operating room. The surgeon uses the live video to conduct the surgery.

Incisions for both types of brow lift surgery are made near the temples and in the scalp. To eliminate vertical frown lines between the brows, our plastic surgeons will often hide incisions within the natural crease of the upper eyelids. Sometimes incisions are made above the bridge of the nose.

During surgery, the brow muscles are tightened and stitched into their new position. The skin and tissue are redraped to correct visible deep wrinkles and creases, and any extra skin and tissue is cut away. The end result is a smoother, younger look.

Recovery and Results

Most people experience some initial discomfort, like swelling and bruising, right after their surgery. Although you should see improvements almost immediately, the final results will appear later in the healing process. Most people can return to work in about a week.

The final results of your brow lift will help you look more alert and refreshed. You’ll see an improved placement of the brow as well as smoothing of the deep lines in the forehead area, including frown lines. Although nothing can stop the aging process for good, a brow lift does help you look younger longer than you would without surgery.

The results of your brow lift can be maintained longer with careful follow-up. You should always wear protective sunscreen when outside. Treatments from our medical spa can also help extend the results of your brow lift by keeping skin healthy and refreshed, and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles as well as repairing sun damage.