Brazilian Butt Lift

Some areas of the body cannot be shaped through diet or exercise alone. For women who want a more prominent, shapely backside, a Brazilian butt lift can help. This cosmetic procedure transfers fat from other parts of the body to enhance the buttocks for a curvier, sexier look.

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Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift

Many women want a curvy figure. Because the buttocks are mostly fat, targeted exercise may have limited effects on enlarging the shape of your backside. The way your body distributes fat cells often has more to do with your genetics than with your diet and exercise habits. A Brazilian butt lift enhances the contours of the buttocks to give you curves where you didn’t have them before.

Not everyone is a candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. Those who see the best results are in good health and are not overweight. However, the ideal candidates have a natural body shape that offers enough extra fat for a successful transfer process.

Understanding the Procedure

The Brazilian butt lift is a two-part process. The first stage is to use liposuction for fat cell removal. Liposuction is targeted specifically at the areas around the buttocks, such as the waist and lower back. Eliminating fat cells in these areas helps to further accent the buttocks.

Once enough fat cells are collected, they are processed and prepared for injection. Your surgeon carefully plans each injection for best results. The grafted cells are layered for an even, attractive look and feel. Since liposuction incisions are only a few millimeters long and the fat is injected with a needle, there’s almost no scarring. Instead, the results of the Brazilian butt lift offer beautiful, natural curves.

Some women may also choose breast augmentation to further enhance their new hourglass shape.

Recovery and Results

It’s common to experience some discomfort following a Brazilian butt lift, particularly at the liposuction sites. Your surgeon will overfill the fat cells initially in order to compensate for the possibility of absorption. In some cases, a touch-up may be required for the best results. Most patients will notice a curvier bottom almost immediately, and can return to work within a week or two. At first, it’s not advised to sit for long periods.

A Brazilian butt lift from the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery of Central Texas can help you feel sexier and more assured about your appearance.