While committed lifestyle changes should always be the first approach to improving your body, genetics, age, past pregnancies, weight loss and a range of other factors can limit the effects of a healthy diet and exercise. Body enhancement procedures can help contour your figure to better match the way you feel inside and reveal your true shape.

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An abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck, can address stretched-out abdominal muscles and loose stomach skin to create a toned and tightened midsection.
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Sometimes, diet and exercise alone can only accomplish so much for your figure. Liposuction is a top choice for sculpting your figure where lifestyle falls short.
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Mommy Makeover

Most mommy makeovers include a customized combination of breast enhancement and body contouring to address physical changes following pregnancy.
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Male Breast Reduction

Treatment of gynecomastia or pseudo-gynecomastia through surgical removal of excess fat and glandular tissue can provide a more sculpted, masculine chest.
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Arm Lift

The upper arms can store unwanted fat or develop flabby skin and tissue. An arm lift tightens the upper arms for more defined and youthful contours.
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Body Lift

Rapid weight loss may leave behind loose skin and tissue in the lower body. A body lift tones and tightens the buttocks, thighs and abdomen for an improved figure.
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Thigh Lift

For loose skin that hangs on the inner or outer thighs, a thigh lift can restores a slimmer look and improve comfort.
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Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian butt lift can enhance the buttocks to provide a rounder, fuller posterior by using fat transfer rather than implants for a natural look and feel.
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