What Makes Medical-Grade Skincare Products Different?


mature woman smiling looking in mirrorWith the seemingly endless choices of skincare products out there, picking the right ones for your complexion can be an overwhelming and complicated task. The truth is, though, that many over-the-counter skincare choices may not be the best products for your needs. Instead, you might want to consider using medical-grade skincare products.

Here are just a few of the reasons why medical-grade skincare can be much more effective than blindly choosing a product off the shelves at your local drugstore.

1. Medical-Grade Skincare Products Target the Source of the Problem

Most over-the-counter skincare products are designed to work only on the skin’s surface, whereas medical-grade products can reach the underlying layers of skin to help target the source of the problem.

NEOCUTIS®, a professional skincare brand, uses bio-restorative formulations to help treat common skin conditions directly at the source for dramatic results.

2. Higher Concentrations of Ingredients

Because professional skincare products are dispensed by physicians, they contain higher concentrations of their active ingredients, making them more effective than many drugstore brands.

You can find science-backed research on the effectiveness of the formulas used in medical-grade skincare products, which may not be true of other brands.

3. Get the Right Products for Your Unique Skin

Another problem that many people run into when buying over-the-counter skincare products is that they end up choosing the wrong products and ingredients for their skin type and condition. This is especially true if you’re planning for or recovering from facial surgery.

The best medical-grade skincare products can help improve your specific skin concerns and promote a smooth, healthy-looking complexion.