How Creative Plastic Surgery Can Save Lives


502274509In our image-focused world, plastic surgery can seem at odds with the goals of those people who like to promote “natural” beauty. However, plastic surgery doesn’t always refer to a tummy tuck or breast implants. In fact, reconstructive plastic surgery can often be used to help people suffering from genetic disorders or life-altering trauma to improve their quality of life.

Surgical Reconstruction for a Normal Life

Creative plastic surgery can do wonders for patients with genetic disorders or life-threatening illness. The most common reconstructive plastic surgeries  involve repairing problems with the nose or face and removing scar tissue. Surgery on cleft palates or scar tissue removal is fairly common. However, more serious conditions can arise that may require plastic surgery, too.

For example, trauma from car accidents or injuries can leave patients with many physical issues that cause lifelong problems. Plastic surgery can not only restore appearances, but can restore normal bodily function. Some severe injuries may need multiple procedures to meet both of these goals.

Tumors and Reconstructive Surgery

Another frequent cause for plastic surgery, tumors from cancer growth can form in nearly any part of the body. While they can often be removed, the removal process can cause trauma to the nearby tissue. Tumors in the face or head often leave patients with greatly reduced ability to function normally.

Plastic surgery can repair tissues in the face, nose and jaw to recreate the natural physique that was present before the tumor. For patients with large tumors, these surgeries can allow them to speak, eat and breathe normally.

Surgery can’t always fix the problems associated with genetic disorders and diseases. However, doctors are learning new techniques every day to restore as much quality of life to these patients as possible.