How Facial Reconstruction Can Help Restore Quality of Life


505535007When most people think of plastic surgery, they likely imagine facelifts or breast implants. However, plastic surgery is a field that includes much more than appearances.

People born with birth defects and those who have had facial trauma have many challenges to face, including a lower quality of life. Fortunately, plastic surgery has come a long way in being able to rebuild facial features to give people happier and healthier lives.

Facial Defects and Injuries

The presence of birth defects or deformities caused by trauma can cause serious problems to a person’s physical and psychological health.
Common facial birth defects can include:

  • Cleft lip or palate
  • Poorly aligned eyes
  • Improperly formed or blocked airways

While these defects are not always life-threatening, they can do harm to a child’s mental development as they grow. They can also lead to problems with feeding, speech, vision or hearing.
Facial problems caused by severe trauma or burns can be more serious. The scope of these injuries can often extend to the brain and usually require immediate medical attention to correct.

Improving Quality of Life

Surgeons have developed many ways to improve their patient’s appearance and comfort with facial reconstruction surgery. Surgery can be performed to restructure the skin, bones and muscles in the face and head. These procedures can be life-saving by opening blocked airways and fixing circulation problems.
Many birth defects have become easily fixable with surgery as well. Cleft palates, deviated septums and facial alignment can all be correct with simple procedures. These are best done early enough to prevent further issues from developing down the line.
When it comes to plastic surgery, the most satisfied patients may just be the ones whose lives are saved with the help of a surgeon.