Will 3D Printing Transform Future Breast Augmentations?


iStock_000019051046SmallThe desire for the curvy look that breast implants offer has made breast augmentation very popular. However, though implants come in a variety of sizes, there remain only two options for shape: round or anatomical (shaped like a teardrop). These choices may soon have an addition to their ranks. New technology is being developed that could improve breast augmentation beyond anything we have today.

3D Printed Results

The Fripp Design Research firm recently unveiled a new type of 3D printing technology that will allow them to create customized silicone breast implants. The implications of this breakthrough are important for both surgeon and patient.

Typically, breast augmentation involves using a standard-shaped breast implant. However, with new 3D technology, the breasts can first be scanned with 3D imaging. The image is then projected into a 3D printer that will create a precise silicone model of the breast. This implant should perfectly fill out the breast shape in the desired way.

The 3D Advantage

Creating silicone breast implants from 3D models promises a number of benefits over the older methods. With an implant that is customized to each woman’s anatomy, there will be less time required in surgery. The implant should fit naturally in the patient’s breast tissue without the need for reshaping. Less involved surgery should mean a shorter healing time for the patient as well.

The advantages to breast augmentation are increasing with the use of new technology. If 3D printing of breast implants becomes more common, breast enlargement will become more streamlined. In short, we could see a better surgical outcome, and better breast augmentation results.