Could “Scarless” Flap Reconstruction Become a Reality?


shutterstock_67945255One of the biggest reasons women aren’t sure about tissue-based breast reconstruction surgery after breast cancer is the thought of seeing more scars. New advancements mean that your surgeon may have a way to help recreate your breasts without as much scarring.

Scarless Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction can be done using breast implants, or using tissue from a woman’s body. Normally, this tissue is taken from the tummy or back. Sometimes, tissue-based reconstruction, also called flap reconstruction, is combined with breast implants.

A new option called the scarless flap breast reconstruction is making waves in the medical world. This approach uses the latissimus dorsi muscle of your back. It’s the biggest muscle of your back, and is put to good use in this surgery. The new technique lets your surgeon access this muscle a different way. This lets the breast shape be rebuilt without more incisions.

Despite its name, there will be some scarring involved. However, fewer incisions means less recovery time, and can also mean less risk of complications. The surgery can be done in less time than a standard breast reconstruction as well.

Experience Is Important

Medical advances like these are always exciting. New breast surgery techniques are always being developed that can increase success rates, but patients should be careful. As promising as these methods can sound, they have the drawback of being unfamiliar to most surgeons. Without surgical skill, you may not see the best outcome. The best breast reconstruction results will come from experienced reconstructive breast surgeons using proven methods.