3 Reasons to Consider Otoplasty


shutterstock_83082898Otoplasty is not a household word outside the world of plastic surgery. It’s the technical term for cosmetic surgery of the ear, and the procedure is designed to alter the size, position or proportion of the ears. There are three main reasons to consider otoplasty.

1. You Were Born with Overly Prominent Ears

Some children are simply born with protruding ears or have ears that “stick out” as they grow and get older. This prominence may not be problematic or even noticeable until the ears have reached their full size, which typically occurs at six years of age. If ears are overly prominent once they’ve reached their full growth, ear pinning can be performed. This simple intervention involves flattening the ears against the head. This procedure is commonly performed on children.

2. Your Ears are Disproportionate to Other Facial Features

Perhaps the ears themselves are not overly large, but stand out when compared with other facial features. There are also situations in which one ear may sit on the head asymmetrically to one another. By re-positioning one or both of the ears to create balance and restore symmetry, otoplasty can rectify these issues.

3. You’ve Suffered a Past Injury

Past injuries can also be the cause for asymmetrical or prominent ears, and can cause undue emotional suffering. Some people opt for otoplasty as an adult, due to dissatisfaction with previous surgery.

Regardless of the reason for considering an otoplasty, the procedure has an exceedingly high rate of patient satisfaction. In fact, some adults have waited their whole lifetime for this surgery, and look forward to finally being able to put to rest the taunting voices from childhood that chided them for their too-big ears.