Rejuvenating the Upper Face


shutterstock_87585493While a facelift can help address problems like sagging jowls in the lower face, the aging upper face has unique needs when it comes to looking younger with plastic surgery. There are a few different procedures that work well together to restore a more rejuvenated appearance specifically through the upper face.

Brow Lift

Skin and soft tissues adopt a downward trend with age that’s only hastened with the help of gravity. This effect can be particularly apparent in the brow area, as the forehead can take on a fallen appearance that can lead to a permanently stressed or angry look. A brow lift can help you look younger and more relaxed by raising the forehead to a more youthful position. This eliminates an overhanging brow, along with smoothing away deep horizontal forehead lines.

Eyelid Surgery

The skin and tissue of the eyelids and surrounding area is some of the most delicate anywhere on the body, which makes the eyes particularly susceptible to early signs of aging. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, can fix droopy lids as well as removing puffy bags from below the eye, creating a more refreshed, alert look. Blepharoplasty can be performed on the upper lids, lower lids, or both, depending on your personal needs.

Crow’s Feet

Contrary to popular belief, eyelid surgery does not improve the appearance of crow’s feet. These fine lines at the outer corners of the eye that deepen when smiling can be diminished with the help of BOTOX® Cosmetic injections instead. Performed as a quick outpatient procedure, BOTOX® can also be scheduled after healing from eyelid surgery for more comprehensive results.