What to Look for in a Revision Breast Augmentation Surgeon


stk212563rkeWhether due to a size change, malposition, capsular contracture or to swap implant types,revision breast augmentation surgery can help implant women feel happier with the size, shape and quality of an earlier augmentation.

Choosing a qualified and skilled revision breast augmentation surgeon is key in ensuring that your revision surgery meets your goals. Here are a few important things to look for in an implant revision surgeon.

Number of Revisions Performed

Revision surgery can be a delicate procedure that requires extensive experience in order to deliver optimal results. Look for a surgeon who has chosen to specialize in revision breast augmentation and who is well-versed in the necessary surgical skills. In addition, inquire about the number of revision surgeries he or she performs annually. This can give you an idea of your surgeon’s level of experience.

Explanation of Your Problem

While many women undergo revision surgery to change sizes or implant type, others may require revision to resolve malposition, capsular contracture or other issue. Your revision breast augmentation surgeon should be able to offer you an explanation of why your problem happened, as well as how results can be improved.

Latest Implant Options

As breast implants are frequently updated to improve augmentation results and match current trends, revision augmentation surgeons should offer the latest implant options. This can ensure that revision patients are able to select the option that most suits their needs and goals, regardless of their original implant type.

Sterilization Techniques

Risk of capsular contracture, one of the most common complications that can result from breast implants, may be significantly reduced by improved surgical techniques. Be sure to inquire about your surgeon’s techniques for minimizing implant manipulation and how this can improve the longevity and quality of your augmentation results.