The Value of a Second Opinion in Plastic Surgery


No one ever finds the perfect relationship by settling, and that’s just as true in plastic surgery as it is throughout the rest of your life. Yet, many patients will choose surgery with the first doctor they meet, instead of taking the time to get a second (or third) opinion. Here are some reasons why a second opinion is so important in plastic surgery.

You Only Have One Face and One Body

The main reason to seek an opinion from more than one surgeon is because you’re dealing with a very limited resource: yourself. You only have one face and one body, so it’s absolutely critical that you think long and hard about which practitioner is most likely to provide the level of care you expect.

Experience vs. Innovation

Another reason patients should schedule a few consultations with several plastic surgeons before making a final decision is to weigh the different variables. For example, some patients may feel more comfortable with an older surgeon who has more experience, while other patients put a greater emphasis on finding a surgeon who is up to date on the latest innovations in the field.

Beautiful Results

Although your final outcome after surgery clearly depends quite a bit on the skill of your surgeon, the way you feel about your results will also have a lot to do with your personal comfort level and the trust you have in your surgeon. Getting a second opinion allows you to hear different viewpoints, exposes you to additional information, and helps you to make an informed decision about which plastic surgeon feels like the best fit for you.