3 Questions to Ask Your PCP After a Diagnosis


Woman Talking with DoctorEven though a primary care provider (PCP) is highly qualified at providing medical care, misunderstandings can still happen when it comes to communicating with a patient. Once you receive a diagnosis, you should make sure to discuss your condition with your PCP doctor in greater detail.

Yet, knowing what specific questions to ask can be challenging, particularly if you’ve received an unfamiliar diagnosis. Here are three questions to ask your PCP doctor to gain a better understanding of what your condition entails.

1. What Are My Treatment Options?

These days there are often multiple options for treatments depending on your diagnosis. Your PCP doctor can help you understand concerns like side effects and the success rates of different treatments for your diagnosis. Your doctor will work with you to create a treatment plan that takes into account your medical history and offers the best chance of success.

Your input helps your PCP doctor understand which treatment options are most likely to be successful for you.

2. Is There Anything I Can Do to Help?

Depending on your diagnosis, there are probably changes you can make to your lifestyle that help your treatment. If unhealthy behaviors, like smoking, contributed to your diagnosis, the easiest way to contribute to your own treatment is by quitting cigarettes for good.

Quitting bad habits and taking up good ones that contribute to your health is a relatively easy way to help with your treatment. Don’t forget to also speak with your doctor when making a big change to your diet or exercise routine.

3. What Is the Expected Outcome?

Make sure your PCP describes the range of outcomes you can expect from your diagnosis, along with an estimated time frame. If you’ve been diagnosed with an ongoing condition, ask what that will mean for you over the long-term.