4 Weird & Easy Ways to Improve Your Health Today


Surprised woman looking through magnifying glassSometimes the key to becoming healthy doesn’t start with a search for primary care providers. Instead, it starts with a few little habits that, over time, build up to better well-being.

Here are four ways to improve your health that may seem a little odd at first glance, but over time could have a positive impact.

1. Brush Your Skin

Everybody knows how important it is to brush your teeth and hair. But brushing your skin? Dry brushing your skin is healthy habit to get into that can improve the health of your body’s largest organ.

When you brush your skin, dead skin cells are swept away and your pores are unclogged. Dry brushing your skin can improve blood circulation and help water retention.

Keeping your mind in tune with your body’s needs is the basic key to being healthy and promoting healing.

2. Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Laughter isn’t just something that happens at a joke’s punchline. It’s a trait that’s evolved in humans to help us survive. When you laugh, your stress levels lower and your muscle tension relaxes.

Over time, this doesn’t just improve your mood, but can also bring pain relief and help your immune system function better. Overall, it also means fewer visits to primary care providers.

3. Keep a House Full of House Plants

Turning your living room into a greenhouse has several benefits. Houseplants improve the atmosphere inside, reduce dust in the air and create a more peaceful environment. Some researchers for primary care providers have even suggested that people with houseplants are sick less often.

4. Eat More So You Eat Less

If you’re counting calories, then cutting back on the portion size of your snack may seem like a better option. However, eating a small amount of carbohydrates spikes your blood sugar and can leave you wanting more. Eat a regular-sized snack that’s high in protein and low in carbs to create a lasting sensation of fullness.