Quality and Innovations

Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals in an innovator in evidence-based health care practice that improves patient outcomes and associate safety.

Transforming Care at Bedside (TCAB)

Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals is proud to be affiliated with a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) and Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) program that will likely transform health care delivery in hospitals across the country and throughout the world.

TCAB empowers frontline nurses and other staff to develop, test and implement changes that will dramatically improve care and work environment. It permits nurses at Ascension Seton to spend more time with their patients; improve communication between caregivers and patients and between families and caregivers. It also redesigns workspace to enhance efficiency and reduce waste. Many units are also participating in daily rounds with physicians and becoming more directly involved in monitoring and impacting patient care.

You’ve got leadership at its best with TCAB. It’s not about the chief nursing officer or the unit director – it’s about allowing the staff to make a lot of the decisions and try new things.
— Charles Barnett, president and CEO of Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals in Austin, Texas

COMPASS Electronic Medical Record

Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals is at the forefront of revolutionizing how healthcare does business by providing safer, higher-quality patient care and optimizing workflow and efficiency through COMPASS (Care, Opportunity, Mission, Promise, Access, Safety and Standardization). A single medical record in this Cerner-based system is accessible to the entire healthcare team regardless of location. The ability to access the same health history and treatment plan information, and document a patient’s treatment plan improves outcomes and patient safety, while reducing wear and tear on the patient care team.

Patient Safety

Each day, each shift is a new opportunity for nurses to make a difference in the lives of others. Tremendous work has been done by Ascension Seton nurses to decrease medical errors and to prevent harm to patients by providing the safest environment of care possible. From the use of rapid response teams to turning a patient every two hours to prevent skin breakdown, Ascension Seton nurses have put practices into place that will not only save lives today, but for many tomorrows to come.

Ascension Seton collaborates with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and more than 3,000 healthcare systems across the country to employ best practice safety interventions that save lives. Under the 5 Million Lives Campaign banner (formerly the 100,000 Lives Campaign), Ascension Seton has implemented initiatives that engage the entire team in defining and adhering to evidence-based processes and empower all members of the team to speak up to prevent injuries and mistakes.

Employee Safety

Ascension Seton recognizes that it is not only priority to take care of patients, but to take care of associates as well by ensuring they have a safe environment in which to work.

Ascension Seton Family of Hospitals worked aggressively to eliminate associate injuries regarding sharps injuries from needle sticks and surgical instruments, and back injuries associated with patient lifting. Nursing has been on the frontlines to reach Seton’s goal of zero preventable associate injuries.

Patient Care Model

To manage the chronic national nursing shortage, Ascension Seton nurses took the initiative to design a new patient care delivery system that reduces the workload for the individual nurse, forges a partnership between the patient and the healthcare team, and allows for team building and mentoring of new nurses from novice to expert. At the heart of the model is the principle that every patient deserves an experienced nurse.

The team composition varies by unit, specialty, staffing and patient acuity. Every patient is cared for by all members of the nursing team. While the central focus of the design is teamwork, the model embraces other Magnet core values as well: respect, nurturing, empowerment, integrity, pride and mentoring.