Nursing at Ascension Seton

Nursing annual report 2011 cover shot at SSW OR nurse with patient in hall


The mission of nursing at Ascension Seton is to employ innovative and transformational leadership within the network and the community to ensure the highest quality of patient care and optimal health outcomes for those we serve.


Ascension Seton nursing is a core strategy of Ascension Seton’s ministry to meet the complex health care needs of Central Texans, with a special concern for those traditionally not served or underserved.


Ascension Seton nurses believe that nursing is an applied art and science. The focus of professional nursing practice is to provide excellence in holistic (mind, body, spirit) care to individuals, families and communities throughout the health care continuum.

Nursing care is given with honor and respect for the inherent worth and respect of each individual regardless of resources, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion or health condition. In exchange for the trust society grants through licensure, Ascension Seton nurses take personal responsibility to maintain competency in practice through continuing education and assume responsibility and accountability for individual nursing judgments and actions.

Nursing Practice

Nursing Practice directors provide consultation and guidance on issues impacting the practice of nursing at each of our health care facilities. Additionally, nursing practice directors analyze the potential impact of regulatory requirements, policies, new processes and procedures through Ascension Seton’s shared governance structure, and work closely with other departments to respond to these changes.

Nursing Leaders

Ascension Seton’s nurses come from all walks of life, all parts of the world. Whether they bike, hike, raft, run or just sit in the sun, our nurses find common cause in transforming patient care and the freedom to map careers that fit their unique talents and desires. Meet our leaders.

Shared Governance

What is Shared Governance?

A philosophy & structure that supports:

  • Decentralized decision-making
  • Shared ownership and accountability
  • Partnerships among key stakeholders
  • High level of professional autonomy

Definition of Shared Governance at Ascension Seton

A dynamic staff-leader partnership that promotes collaboration, shared decision-making and accountability for improving quality of care, safety and enhancing work life

Operations in Alignment

  • Develop Charter/Guidelines
  • Practice Consensus Decision Making
  • Demonstrate efforts toward Improved Outcomes
  • Illustrate how EVERYONE has a Voice

Ascension Seton’s shared-governance model has been so successful that The Advisory Board referred to it in a 2005 national publication, Toward Staff-Driven Decision-Making: Assessing, Building and Sustaining a Shared-Governance Model. Our shared-governance model has become an example used to educate other health care organizations about how to create and sustain a successful, professional nursing practice environment.

Magnet Recognition®

Magnet Recognition®, given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center, is the only national designation that recognizes nurses as integral team members in influencing positive patient outcomes. The nursing practice environment at Ascension Seton supports shared governance, interdisciplinary collaboration, leadership, quality, safety, professional development and work-life balance. The focus of Magnet is how nursing excellence, achieved through a professional work environment, influences patient outcomes. Research has demonstrated that nurse satisfaction and patient outcomes are higher in Magnet hospitals than in other hospitals.

“When you’re headed for a hospital, the first step is to find a Magnet hospital.”
The Wall Street Journal

Achieving Magnet redesignation requires satisfying a demanding set of criteria which measures the strength and quality of nursing and an interdisciplinary approach to patient care. More importantly for Ascension Seton, Magnet recognition supports what we already know: our nurses are the best.

Achieving Magnet status also sends a message to our community and our patients that we are committed to providing the best care possible.

What Magnet Status Brings to Ascension Seton

Creating a Magnet culture at Ascension Seton has attracted the best of the best in all disciplines and provides a rich practice environment leading to low turnover rates and a high level of job satisfaction. Come visit us and experience our Magnet culture.

Pathway to Excellence®

Ascension Seton Highland Lakes, Ascension Seton Edgar B. Davis and Ascension Seton Southwest hold their  4th Re-Designation in Pathway to Excellence® from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. The focus of Pathway is a work environment where nurses can excel.