Moving to the Beat of Wellness

Linda Bokros, BSN, RN, NC-BC, has always had a passion for holistic nursing—the practice of caring for the whole person—mind, body and spirit.  She has also been fascinated with the sound of drums and jumped at the opportunity to join a local community drum circle a few years ago. Linda found participating in the drum circle highly therapeutic and a positive way to manage her emotions and reduce stress levels.

In early 2019, Linda approached her manager at Ascension Seton Highland Lakes, Lorrie Kirby, MSN, RN, CMSRN, Clinical Manager, Med/Surg & IMC with the idea of incorporating the community drum circle at the nurse’s next social event. Lorrie agreed enthusiastically and the event was well-attended by both nurses and other professionals.  Linda also invited local community members and one nurse even invited a patient to participate! Besides being a lot of fun and creating a sense of “connectedness,” the event further strengthened interdiscplinary teamwork.

“As nurses, we are always thinking of how we can help our patients or what can we do for them. However, nurses also need to take care of themselves. The opportunity to participate in the drum circle is just another option of a self-care tool that allows you to take care of yourself.” Linda Bokros, BSN, RN, NC-BC

What is a Wellness Drum Circle?

For centuries, the drum has been utilized as a tool for celebrating life, honoring traditions and bonding with community. Group-drumming is a proven, effective way to reduce stress, relax and reconnect.  Research has shown the drum circle to be highly therapeutic for people by boosting the immune system, reducing anxiety and improving pain management.