Dell Seton Nurses Create Innovative “DashBoard” to Share “Voices of the Patient” Survey Data


Patient comments collected during HCAHPS surveys (“Voices of the Patient”) provide an important source of information for nurse leaders to identify trends and opportunities for improvement in patient care.  Nurses at Dell Seton Medical Center at the University of Texas (“Dell Seton”) saw an opportunity to improve the way “Voices of the Patient” data was reported and distributed so that it was easier for leadership to navigate and use.


Historically, HCAHPS data was provided in reports as raw data, which was cumbersome and time-consuming for nurses to navigate and analyze. To address this problem, a team of nurses at Dell Seton worked together to create a user-friendly excel “dashboard.”  The new tool allows nurses to select specific HCAHPS questions and view how patient comments affect each question (Figure 1).

The dashboard also allows leaders to filter data relevant to their unit or department (Figure 2).

Since the goal of this intervention was to encourage the use of HCAHPS survey data to improve patient care, the quality department provides the report each week via email to all leadership. In addition, unit managers can easily print off these “snapshots” on Thursdays to post on Daily Management System boards so the current data and opportunities are accessible to all front-line staff.


Leadership and front-line staff now have access to timely HCAHPS data in a format that is easy to understand and act upon. The solution is easily replicable to other hospitals.

For FY18, Dell Seton achieved its target for Overall Hospital Rating with a score of 82.96, up from 78.87 in FY17. For Average Top-Box Response, Dell Seton improved its score from 75.94 in FY17 to 77.46 in FY18.