Ascension Providence Nurse Earns DAISY Award

When DAISY Award winner, Blaze Brown, RN, entered the ICU room of her newest patient, she looked directly into the patient’s eyes and told him: “Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.” No truer words have been spoken.

Throughout the patient’s stay in the ICU, Blaze took the time to listen and calm his fears about how he would live out the rest of his life. The elderly patient lived in a nursing home and he was anxious about returning. Before the patient was discharged from the hospital, Blaze took the time to speak with him. She told him that he was an important human being and that he should not settle for just any care, but to find a home that would provide him with the best care and treat him with the respect he so deserved.

Before going into the hospital, the patient’s family felt that their loved one was on the brink of giving up on life, but after his time at Ascension Providence, they firmly believe he developed an entirely different perspective on life.  He is doing physical therapy twice a day and eating better because Blaze took the time to educate and motivate him and most importantly let him know that life is special.

The patient and his grateful family nominated Blaze for a DAISY Award because they believed she was the smartest, most genuine and compassionate nurse he ever had in his long life. Blaze genuinely believes that all lives are special and important. The patient’s family agrees. As they stated in their DAISY nomination:  “If we all cared for each other as much as Blaze cares about her patients, what a wonderful place this world would be!”