Professional Portfolio Projects

Showcasing Our Expertise with Exemplary RN Career Portfolios

Nurses throughout the network participated at both the Specialist and Expert levels of the professional portfolio program in 2018. 197 RN Specialists submitted portfolios showcasing their work in approved CNO activities with supporting evidence of Nursing Leadership, Clinical Expertise, or Nursing Education. The RN Experts produced not only 2 activities and other portfolio requirements, but also a total of 326 Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) projects which included 5 measurements of the improvement project’s progress. These improvement projects support outcomes impacting one of the following categories: Hospital Acquired Conditions, Hospital throughput times, Reduction in Readmissions, Handoff/Communication, Safety, Revenue, Patient Experience, Nursing care and Outcomes for Patients/Families, Program Unit Champions, and other projects identified by the CNO. After a comprehensive review of the submitted portfolios and their projects, 43 were selected as exemplary based on the following criteria:

Exemplary Portfolio Criteria

  • Materials were presented professionally.
  • Validation feedback forms clearly written and supporting documentation present (providing additional evidence of detail or complexity of activity)
  • The results/outcomes of the activities and/or projects exceeded the goal.
  • The RN Expert PDCA was well-written, 3 cycles were completed, and data was displayed in graphs. Complexity of the problem or approach was evident as well as multidisciplinary and/or impacting organizational change.

For FY 19 the program was expanded to allow unit Supervisors to participate and the eligibility requirements for RN Experts and Scholars include the achievement of National Certification and membership to a professional nursing organization. With each year, we will see changes in the portfolio program, but the exemplary work will continue to shine.

Dell Children’s Medical Center

Sharon Sabo, Emergency Department – Improve Management of Pain

Elise Tobey, Emergency Department – DCMC Tracheostomy Patient and Family Education

Kelly Hudson, Emergency Department – Review and take a lead role in the implementation of Improvement team initiatives as prodcucts of staff submissions of “opportunities for Improvement”

Audrey Moore, 4 North – Advancing POCT Compliance on 4 North

Amanda Smith, 4 South – Collaborative Care of the Cystic Fibrosis Patient

Kelli Parish, 4 North – Lab Rejections on 4 North

Alyssa Hager, 3 North – Pain Management:Education on Comfort Care Modalities and Interventions for Improved Pain Control

Catherine Draths, 4 North – Improve Roadmap Documentation Compliance on 4N

Kathryn Miller, 3 North – Streamlining Nursing Education on Comprehensive Postoperative Care to Improve Communication with Parents and their Satisfaction on 3 North

Kathie Blount, 4 North – 4 N: Increase Awareness of Falls to Reduce Falls in FY2018

Linda Allyn, PACU – Medications not Scanned

Sandra Rodriguez, PANDA – Improve MRI Workflow

Wendy Williamson, PANDA – Local Improvement Team

Dell Seton Medical Center

Thania Silva, Pre Op – Improving FCOTS by expanding preop scope of service to include ICU patients

Todd Brady-Garcia, Emergency Department – Monthly Goal of Zero Blood Culture Contamination rate

Mary Criswell, Emergency Department – Improve Restraint Compliance by 20%

Jessica Perry, Emergency Department – Improve EKG for STEMI will be done within 5 minutes of pt. arrival to ED

Christina Torres, 5 North/South – Reduction in Falls

Kristin Ronayne, Surgery – Promoting Growth and Efficiencies by Growing a Robotic Team

DeJohn Pearson, Day Surgery – First Case on Time Starts

Melissa Cortez, Cath Lab – Stroke Champion

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin

Theresa Herbst, NICU – Carseat Staff Education

Dulce Vargas, NICU – Discharge by 1100

Lisa Wallis, NICU – NICU Volunteer Coordinator/Trainer

Aimee Deriggi, NICU – Lead Resource Nurse

Sharalyn Neal, Mother/ Baby – Nurse Listen

Xin Peng, Mother/ Baby – Infant Code Blue

Teresa Salinas, Mother/ Baby – Mother Baby Room Readiness

Annalisa Guevara, Labor/ Delivery – TeamSTEPPS: Room Readiness

Dala McDevitt, Labor/ Delivery – Careboards

Cathleen Monteforte, Invasive Cardiology – Enhance Outpatient Cath Lab Flow

Rebecca Hunter, OR – Post Partum Hemorrhage Simulation

Ascension Seton Hays

Summer Martin, Maternity – Professional Nursing Career Portfolio Champion

Deanna Blake, Maternity – Point of Care Compliance

Dawn Bastian, Maternity – Bar Code Medication Administration Improvement

Stephanie Hell, Maternity – Point of Care of Testing

Gabriella Gloria, Maternity – Clinical Ladder Champion

Autumn Hernandez, Maternity – Document Inventory Improvement Process

Ascension Seton Williamson

Heather Marshall, OR – Universal Protocol Audits

Johanna Ruppanner, Pre-Admission Testing – Pre-Admission Testing Orientation Process Manual

Tamara Herrera, Labor/ Delivery – Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative

Ascension Seton Northwest

Thomas Mai, Emergency Department – Increase Sepsis compliance by 75% by the end of June 2018