Ascension Seton Smithville

The caliber of nurses at Ascension Seton Smithville belies the small size and rural setting of our hospital. Our amazing quality scores and ED patient satisfaction levels support the fact that our nurses deliver the best care, go above and beyond, and do so with a level of professionalism that sets them apart. Serving as the executive nurse for Ascension Seton Smithville has been the most rewarding and humbling years of my professional practice and I am truly blessed in knowing and working with the nurses, clinical assistants and medical staff at Ascension Seton Smithville.

Robbie Rabe, MSN, RN, NEA-BC
Chief Nursing Officer

SSRH Quick Facts

*Does not include physicians
Patient Days: 612Outpatient Surgical Visits: 61
Average Daily Census: 1.68Employees*: 110
Average Length of Stay: 3.29Licensed Beds: 8
ER Visits: 7,156Registered Nurses: 25
Outpatient Visits: 26,991BSN or Higher Rate: 48.00%
Inpatient Surgical Visits: 1Certification Rate: 17.00%


Seton Smithville Nurses Care for All

In a small, close community like Smithville, Texas, everyone is ready to step up and fill a role to find solutions to problems that arise.  The nurses at Ascension Seton Smithville Hospital are certainly no exception.

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