Uniting to Improve Nurse Retention at Providence Healthcare Network


Faced with a nursing turnover rate higher the national average, Providence’s staffing committee sprung into action. With support from Providence’s CNO, Chris Courtney, the hospital launched a Nursing Retention Committee in March 2017.  Members of the committee included staff nurses and leadership from different parts of the hospital and DePaul and representatives from nurse recruitment, patient experience, quality and human resources.


One of the first steps taken by the committee to improve nurse retention was the introduction of rewards and recognition programs.  In April 2017, for example, Providence welcomed the nationally recognized DAISY Award® program to its hospitals.  The committee also created a program to recognize and reward non-nursing associates, called The BEE Award. Its motto is: “Every DAISY needs a BEE and every BEE needs a DAISY.”

Another step taken by the retention committee was developing a plan for formal exit interviews (including data collection and analysis) for nurses who leave the network. With the assistance of the nurse recruiter, the retention committee also initiated a standardized peer interview process.

A final strategy explored by the retention committee was developing deeper working relationships among nursing staff, patient care techs and leadership. The committee opted to implement this strategy by launching Direct Report Rounds using its iRounds tool in October of 2017.


Prior to the implementation of the Nurse Retention Committee, the turnover rate for Providence nurses was greater than 20 percent.  One year later the rate has dropped below 17 percent and through continued efforts, the network hopes to reduce turnover even more.