Professional Portfolio Projects

Showcasing Our Expertise with Exemplary RN Expert-Level Career Portfolio Projects

Nurses throughout the network participated at the expert level of the professional portfolio program in 2017. In addition to activities and other portfolio requirements, a total of 345 Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) projects were completed. These projects support outcomes (i.e. quality, safety, patient satisfaction, etc.) within the unit, department, and/or hospital. After a comprehensive review of the submitted portfolios and their projects, 62 were selected as exemplary based on the following criteria:

Exemplary Portfolio Criteria

  1. Materials were presented professionally.
  2. Validation feedback forms clearly written and supporting documentation present (providing additional evidence of detail or complexity of activity)
  3. The results/outcomes of the activities and/or projects exceeded the goal.
  4. The RN Expert PDCA was well-written, 3 cycles were completed, and data was displayed in graphs. Complexity of the problem or approach was evident as well as multidisciplinary and/or impacting organizational change.

Next year we will see some changes in the portfolio program, but the exemplary work will continue to shine.

Dell Children’s Medical Center

Kavita Bhakta – Standardize Pull till Full Responsibilities

Debra Burch – Reducing harm across the board related to identifying and improving low preop vitamin D blood Levels for Spinal fusion patients

Virginia Burcher – Voice and Decision Making

Amanda Clanton – Staff Satisfaction – Improve RN Retention & Engagement

Catherine Draths – Decrease the number of Roadmap documentation deficiencies at DCMC 4N

DeAnna Gillespie – Pediatric Readiness Coordinator/Champion

Errinn Golder – Admission Process Standardization for Non-Oncologic Chemotherapy/Biotherapy patients

Kelly Hudson – Implementation of the ED Deck resource Role as presented as an Opportunity for Improvement to the ED Local Improvement Team

Diana Khan – Increase staff completion of SSI audits above current levels and to measure compliance with expanded CHG bathing protocol

Kathryn Miller – Streamline DCMC 3 North’s Comprehensive Postoperative Care in FY17

Nicole Reza – Code Blue Competency

Susan Sellers – Decrease Workplace Violence

Jennifer Sheplock – Identifying unit based strengths and weaknesses by instituting randomized peer evaluations for nursing staff utilizing effective streamlined data collection system

Allyson Torres – Improve procedure start times in cath lab

Wendy Williamson – Local Improvement Team

Dell Ascension Seton Medical Center

Melissa Cortez – Implement House Supervisor to assist in Code Stemis

Delilah Deguire – Patient Perception of quality in the Cath Lab

Angelita Guzman – Increase revenue by reducing undocumented infusion stop times

Lcesa Hayes – Fall champion for Clinical Decision Unit

Ascension Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital

Kelly Garcia – Nurse Driven Protocol for Catheter Removal

Regina Kofron – Improving physician order readiness for Pre Admission Testing visits – measured by patient satisfaction scores

Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin

Sherry Allen – Pain Management

Mylene Barnfield – Compliance with Nurse Driven Protocol for Foley Removal

Cindy Brown – Eliminating CLABSI

Robin Brown – PACU IV Drip Book

Sheryl Cannon – Code Blue Simulations

Beth Christmas – Baby Friendly/Breast feeding Education

Danae Clark – Reducing Harm

Stacey Dane – Local Improvement Team – Chair

Elizabeth Eades – Reducing Alarm Fatigue

Mohammad Ghazban – Ensure skin tear compliance with imaging safety due to high volume employee turnover, education material provided.

Annalisa Guevara – TeamSTEPPS: Room Readiness Committee

Rebecca Hunter – Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulation Team

Bernadette Laware – Room Readiness-Organization of Supplies in Triage and Recovery Room

Terri Lundin – Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers

Elizabeth Martin – TeamSTEPPS: SBAR Team

Denise Moore – Increasing all Endoscopy Employees Knowledge and Usage of OR Control

Jacquilink Nahuina – Tiny pulse survey analysis of nurse job satisfaction as it relates to patient satisfaction

Teadra Nealy – Increase improvement in proper rhythm placement and analysis

Delia Padilla – Pressure Ulcer Reduction

Xin Peng – Baby Code Blue Simulation

Maria Remington – Patient Experience of Quality of Care

Teresa Salinas – Mother/Baby Room Readiness

Amanda Sanders – NAS Workgroup

Mary Schneider – Enhanced Recovery after Surgery

Tammy Stephens – Increase HCAHP Scores by Improving Communication by Listening to Patient Expressed Needs

Dala Thomas – Hourly Rounding

Umschield Corrie – Ontime Case Starts/ICD Pre-Screening Process

Carolyn Wisco – Nurse listens/Nurse explains

Ascension Seton Medical Center Hays

Kimberley Bricker – Local Improvement Team

Charlie Burks – Compare satisfaction scores from PAT versus PAT phone calls

Kathryn Harvey – Room of Errors Simulation Drill

Misti May – Improve Trauma Program by increasing ‘TFS’ completeness to 80pt care outcomes% per state qualifications and better/safer

Tara Ralston – Unit Skin Care Champion

Ascension Seton Medical Center Williamson

Christina Allen – Prevention of HAPU

Janet Groner – Reduce Vulnerability for the Malignant Hyperthermia Susceptible population

Susan Werner – OB Resource for Emergency Rooms-DSMCUT & SMCW ER’s

Ascension Seton Northwest Hospital

Sheryl Barter – Implementing Post-Op Discharge Patient Telephone Call Backs at SNW PACU

Amanda Echols – Chair LIT, see previous entry

Meredith Gutierrez – Strategies to maintain normothernia during the perioperative experience to post anesthesia care arrival

Dolores Reading – Pathway to Excellence Program

Ascension Seton Smithville Regional Hospital

Robert Gillespie – Improving Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships

Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital

Cynthia Hanson – Reducing Length of Stay for NICU Admissions for Chorioamnionitis