Providence Quick Facts

Patient Days: 65,158Inpatient Surgical Visits: 3,476
Average Daily Census: 178.52Outpatient Surgical Visits: 4,690
Average Length of Stay: 4.10Deliveries: 1,217
ER Visits: 72,050Licensed Beds: 237
Outpatient Visits: 213,375


Generous Spirit Earns Providence Nurse DAISY Award®

Kathleen Anderson, a nurse in the radiology department at Providence was nominated for a DAISY Award® by the wife of patient who was in the hospital for a biopsy. The patient was extremely anxious and distressed about his upcoming procedure. Sensing her patient’s fear, Kathleen stepped in to help.

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Uniting to Improve Nurse Retention at Providence Healthcare Network

Faced with a nursing turnover rate higher the national average, Providence’s staffing committee sprung into action. With support from Providence’s CNO, Chris Courtney, the hospital launched a Nursing Retention Committee in March 2017.

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