Ascension Seton Premiere Staffing RN Comes Out of Retirement With High Marks

After coming out of a year-and-a-half long retirement, Aarti Saxena, ICU RN with the Ascension Seton float pool, was concerned she may have made a mistake in deciding to return to work as a nurse because of her practice gap. However, her decision yielded an entirely different outcome. On her first day back after her gap in practice, Aarti earned, not one, but two DAISY Award nominations.

Nomination #1

The first patient who nominated her for a DAISY Award was a 90-year old man from India. His family worried because his condition was deteriorating and he was not eating well. Aarti was able to speak to him in his native language and realized that the family was from her hometown. The patient’s demeanor changed dramatically after Aarti made a personal connection with him. The patient began drinking Boost and went on to say that he would drink anything Aarti gave him.

Nomination #2

Aarti’s second DAISY Award nomination came from a family whose patriarch required hospitalization for a dire diagnosis. Before the start of her shift, a member of the care team had mentioned the possibility of hospice care. When Aarti arrived on her shift, she realized that the family needed additional communication regarding this painful news. The family knew the prognosis was not good, but to them hospice meant imminent death.

Aarti sat down with the family and told them the story of her mother, who had been in hospice, too. She explained that her experience with her mother was positive. In fact, Aarti’s mom lived comfortably for two years in hospice. When she did pass, she remained comfortable without the need for heavy narcotics. By explaining her experience to the family, the family felt more knowledgeable and comfortable with making the decision about hospice for their loved one.

By the end of her first day, Aarti knew that her coming to Ascension Seton Premiere Staffing was divine intervention. As she stated, “No one is in the ICU by choice. They are fragile and emotionally naked. We need to embrace them and help them through their grief.” By earning these two nominations, Aarti knew she not only had made the right decision in going back to work, but that she was supposed to be doing exactly what she was doing.