Saving Lives on the Way to Work

Allison Jones, RN, a PACU nurse at Ascension Seton Northwest Hospital, was driving to work one morning when a car swerved into her lane on Braker and Ascension Seton Parkway. She started honking the horn and watched as the car drove into nearby bushes. The driver never hit the brakes. Allison stopped and ran to the scene of the accident.

At the time the car plowed into the bushes, 15 men were exercising on yoga mats close to the road. After the crash, the men helped Allison remove the woman who was driving the car (who had suffered cardiac arrest) from her locked vehicle and place her safely away from all the broken glass on a yoga mat. When Allison assessed the woman’s breathing, she turned blue within a few minutes so Allison started CPR, guiding one of the men to perform chest compressions. The woman started breathing again, but then began experiencing agonal respirations so Allison used her training and knowledge to resume CPR until EMS arrived.

“Thank you, Allison for living out Seton’s mission, vision and values at within the walls of Ascension Seton Northwest, on your way to work and beyond.” – Kate Henderson, President, Ascension Seton Medical Center Austin, Ascension Seton Northwest Hospital, Ascension Seton Southwest Hospital and Health Equity Initiatives.

Once EMS arrived on the scene, Allison explained what happened. The men, who minutes before had been enjoying the outdoors, flooded Allison with hugs and thanks. They all said that if she had not honked her horn so enthusiastically, they would not have looked up and could have been killed by the runaway car.

When Allison was walking back to her own car and looked to see where the woman’s car had stopped amongst all the shrubs, she saw debris of yoga mats, water bottles and other belongings that had been crushed by the car. On that fateful morning, Allison saved not one life but 16.